From MeasureColor version 19.1 and later it is possible to register Visual defects within the MeasureColor measuring client and use them for score evaluation.

  • MeasureColor 19.1 or later
  • a MeasureColor license that allows the use of the Visual defects system.
  • Visual defects definitions
  • a Tolerance set with settings for Visual defects
  • a job created with that tolerance set

Open the Visual defects overview in the system management module:

  1. Add Visual defects to this category
  2. Edit this Visual defect or press the red cross to remove it from the list
  3. Add a new Visual defect category
  4. Import a set of Visual defects
  5. Export the Visual defects

Create or edit a Tolerance set and add the Visual defects by pressing the [+ Add rule] button:

Set the penalty for a Visual defect to a suitable level:

Note: If you edit an existing Tolerance set, all existing jobs using that Tolerance set will have the Visual defects screen added.

A new button will appear in the bottom row:

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