In order to compare your measurements against different standards several 'Tolerance sets' were included with MeasureColor. Tolerance sets define which patches are used, what Delta-E method is used and how deviations influence the total score.

In MeasureColor it's possible to define your own Tolerance sets to meet your requirements. After that a Tolerance set can be used while making a job preset.

If your MeasureColor version is 16.3 or later, please read on here.

  1. Name your Tolerance set
  2. Select a standard for measurement condition
  3. Select a Delta-E method. Choices are CIE76, CMC, CIE94 and CIE2000

The ' Delta-CMC l' and 'Delta-CMC c' are only used when CMC is selected as Delta-E method

In addition to selecting the CIE76 Delta-E method a tolerance value for the Delta-H (hue angle) can be defined. Other Delta-E methods ignore this value.

Here you can set whether or not a patch class is calculated, the intial tolerance and the tolerance after entering the production mode.

In order to calculate the score the penalties can be set for all calculated patch classes.

Penalty threshold percentages define how much patches of the same color should be out of tolerance before influencing the score. When you set the threshold for solids to 0.9, only the 90% best scoring patches will be used. Only applicable when measuring a color bar with ink zones.

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