From version 18.1 and higher, MeasureColor supports the use of individual tolerances per ink. Now, tolerances can be set in 3 locations:

Tolerance setSystem management → Conditions → Tolerance setsProcess/Spot
Color bookMenu → Reference managerFor each ink
JobMenu → Process control / Flexibles /MultiSpot / ImageFor each ink

Note: When no individual tolerance has been set for inks, the settings from the Tolerance set prevail. The job settings overrides all other Tolerance settings for that ink.

You can set a tolerance for Solids in your Color books that overrides the Tolerance set value. After that, that ink will have this Tolerance as a default for new jobs and presets. Both the job set-up and the preset can override this setting.

  1. Allow changes to existing values _> [YES]
  2. Set the Solid ink Tolerance you want
  3. Save the Color book

Users in either the standard or advanced workflow can set a Tolerance for an ink in the ink setup screen:

The ink setup overview will show what Tolerance will be set for that job.

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