From 21.1 and later, the Print Quality Setup can be added to the MeasureColor job setup to simplify and unify communication with MeasureColor Reports running at brand owners.

The system will enable you to add several brand oriented parameters like Brand, Category, Design Number, and more. The data is transmitted to MeasureColor Reports and will enable brand owners to find the information they are looking for with more ease.

  • Brand
    • Category
    • Reports server URL where measurements from this brand should be submitted to
  • Premedia agency when applicable
  • Printing process
  • Substrate class (note: this is independent of any Job substrate settings, it is a reporting parameter)

Please consult the Reports server admin for the correct settings.

Goto General → User groups. Select a group and add the PQI dialog

Log in as a PQI dialog enabled user, create a job or preset as usual. After setup and before the first measurement, this dialog will appear:

Complete the form and use the Job(preset) as usual.

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