This tutorial is written to explain the steps needed to set up a MeasureColor server to send reports to Phototype. To setup PhotoType you need credentials for the PhotoType server. Also, you will need to know which customers' jobs will have to be sent to PhotoType.

All settings can be done in the System management module.

  • Go to General → User groups
  • Select the User group to add PhotoType to, or create a new User group
  • Add a new key as in the example below
  • Don't forget to save the User group with the green button
  • Now all Users from that User group that log into MeasureColor will have PhotoType enabled in their client workstations

More info about User groups and settings can be found here.

  • Go to System → External reports
  • Add a Reports server
  • Server type (1) is PhotoType PQM
  • Connection name (2) is free to choose, but take a note as it is needed for the customer setup.
  • Server URL (3) as provided by PhotoType
  • Username (4) as provided by PhotoType
  • Password (5) as provided by PhotoType
  • Check 'Enable connection after creation'
  • Click the green [Update] button

  • Go to General → Customers
  • Select a Customer from the list to edit, or create a new Customer
  • Set the Customer's name (1)
  • The first Custom field should be set to 'POA' for use with PhotoType (2)
  • In the Print Quality Management system settings(3) select the newly created server connection
  • Don't forget to save the changes

  • Open a Job from a PhotoType customer
  • move to the measurement you want to send
  • Open the Wrench tool and click the PQM button

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