When using MeasureColor in a process environment, operators want to generate their MeasureColor ProcessControl jobs as quickly as possible. MeasureColor users can automate the job creation process by making use of existing information from external Print MIS/ERP systems.

MeasureColor's MIS based job setup system is extremely flexible: If all information is available, MeasureColor ProcessControl jobs are generated automatically. But, if some information is not available from the MIS/ERP, the system sets up as much as possible, asking the operator to just fill in the blanks.

MeasureColor reads job data from XML based job descriptions. Whenever the operator types in a job number or scans the job jacket with a bar code scanner (TIP!) the proper job information is automatically loaded into MeasureColor. The XML is straight forward and easy to generate. Most elements are optional, the only mandatory elements are <ClientName>, <JobNumber>, <PrintingConditionName> and <SubstrateName> where PrintingConditionName MUST match a Printing Condition Name in MeasureColor.

Open these sample XMLs and see how they are created:
- Minimal
- Partial
- Full
- Preset

Note: These examples are already pre-installed in the default folder that MeasureColor uses for Auto Job Setup. After enabling Auto Job setup they are available for your testing immediately.

The XML files can be found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\MeasureColor 4\Server\App_Data\AutoJobSetup\Input

In order to make use of the MIS/ERP based job setup, you have to enable it from the Management Module.
Login to the web based Management Module and select Menu:

Here you can select the following options:
- Enable automated job setup
Enables/disables the function for all client computers that are connected to this server.
- Move files after import
If selected, the xml job files are moved to the 'Processed' folder when the job is created.
- Input/Processed/Failed path
File paths to the hot folders.

Once you set everything up and you have placed a number of Job XML files in the hot folder, launch the Measurecolor client software and open the ProcessControl module. In the ProcessControl module, click on 'Create job'.

You are presented with a new popin view. Use a keyboard or bar code scanner to provide the job number for the job you wish to create. What happens next is depending on a few things:
- Presence of the XML for this job number
- Contents of the XML (full, partial, minimal job info)
- Your 'job setup workflow' (Simple, Standard, Advanced) that was selected in your 'User profile'

Although not specified in the Auto job setup examples, using http://www.colorware.eu/2020/jobinformation.xsd it is also possible to define the Custom data fields for the customer.

For every CustomDataField you can enter an ID (1-12) and a name the operator is required to fill in like this:

        <CustomDataField Id="1" Name="1st">Value1</CustomDataField>
        <CustomDataField Id="2" Name="2nd">Value2</CustomDataField>

Please check the jobinformation.xsd for proper use.

<PrintQualityInformation Brand="Brand name" Category="Product category">
    <PremediaCompany>Premedia company name</PremediaCompany>
XML tagNotes
<PrintQualityInformation Brand=“Brand name” Category=“Product category”>
<PremediaCompany>When this is given, and does not yet exist, it will be created
<PrintingProcess>When given it should be Offset, Flexo, Gravure, Digital or Other
<SubstrateClass>When given it should be FilmWhite, FilmClear, FilmMetalized, Vinyl, Paper, Paperboard, Corrogated, Metal or Other

For preparing MeasureColor jobs for remote Printing locations the MIS-based Job setup is extended with the option to add the PrintLocationCompanyName.

        <MachineName>My Offset Press (6 color)</MachineName>

This will tell the MeasureColor server to make this job available to only PSP 1. To make this work PSP1 should be set as a Company with its User job access policy set to limited access. Also, the Machine used in the jobinformation file should be assigned to that same Company in the System management module.

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