The MIS-based auto job setup makes it possible to set all job parameters automatically using job information exported from a MIS system. In MeasureColor a hot folder is defined and all suitable XML files that the MIS drops into the folder are recognised. All the operator has to do is enter the order number (or scan a barcode) and all available parameters are set, even when no preset has been made beforehand.

In this screen you can setup directories for the input files. If 'moves files after import' is checked the XMLs will be moved to either the 'processed' or 'failed' directories that are defined here.

Enable the MIS-based Auto job setup by checking the top box.

Type in a job number, as you can see here as soon as two characters are typed a list of jobs is displayed for your convenience. Select a job and click 'next'.

If you want to manually set up a job click the 'skip' button.

As you can see all job parameters are filled-in already. You can finish the setup just like any other job.

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