While the KBA importer was already available in previous versions, the automatic import of measurements from the KBA Ergotronic is greatly improved from MeasureColor versions 20.3 and later.

  • MeasureColor now reads the full KBA folder structure upon setting up a job with the correct job number
  • It is now possible to set up jobs for Front/Back measurements where Measurecolor will automatically switch between jobs when needed, making the process of importing and processing the measurements automatic from the moment the jobs were created.
  • The import of KBA measurements is available when using a Packaging+KBA license. Please contact your MeasureColor reseller for more information on your license.
  • The MeasureColor user should be in a User group that has 'Job Measurement workflow' set to 'Auto import' to enable the measurement recorder (this setting can be changed in the System management module)
  • The Ergotronic should save the measurement files to a shared folder on a MeasureColor client workstation so the measurements can be picked up.

The Ergotronic builds a folder structure that mimics the order numbers used and can hold measurements for front and back jobs from the same order.

In this example:

  • KBA is the folder on the client workstation where the Ergotronic uploads the jobs
  • Then two cascaded folder with the same name follow, 165197 is in this case the job number in the Ergotronic software
  • In the last job folder there can be a Front and Back folder that holds the measurements

Please note that using both Top and Back measurements require two jobs being setup for MeasureColor: A 'Top' job for front and a 'Bottom' job for back measurements.

KBA folder nameMeasureColor Job 'Side'

  • Make sure your MeasureColor Job number is exactly the same of the Ergotronic job
  • Select Top as “Side” and start with measuring the front of the sheet
  • Prepare your job as you normally would

  • From the first measurements screen, click and hold the import button to open the settings

  • Select 'KBA Ergotronic (*.xml)' as your Measurement system
  • Browse and select the shared folder where your Ergotronic uploads the jobs
  • Check other settings. (This is an example, your local settings will be slightly different)

  • After setting up the folder structure click Ok to return to the first measurement screen
  • Import the first measurement and 'Finish' the job setup
  • From the Process control main screen click the 'Auto Import' button to start the automatic processing

Note: Automatic processing will stop when an Ergotronic end-of-job file is found.

When only a Top job was set-up and a back measurement is found, MeasureColor will automatically pause the automatic processing and return to the setup screen. Setup the 'bottom' job in the same way (but with 'Bottom' selected) and start automatic processing again.

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