From versions 20.2 and later MeasureColor features data submission capability to X-Rite ColorCert ScoreCard Server via licensed API technology from X-Rite.

Using the ColorCert Automation Tool provided by XRite MeasureColor users can easily transmit measurement result to the ColorCert Scorecard Server without the need of manual file transfers, and the need for a separate instance of ColorCert.

NOTE: The functionality to send data to ColorCert Scorecard Server is currently limited to P&G usage only!

IMPORTANT: Before your measurements are accepted on the Scorecard Server, your company must be enabled on the Scorecard Server by XRite.

  • MeasureColor 20.2 or later
  • MeasureColor software license should include the use of the CCA tool
  • XRite ColorCert Automation tool (installed by Colorware upon implementation)
  • Internet connection (SSL port 443) to send data to ColorCert Scorecard Server
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