From MeasureColor 21.1 and later it is possible to exchange Job presets between MeasureColor servers, using our MCX files.

  • Job presets can be exported from the module's Job setup pages as an MCX file
  • MCX files can be imported using the MCX module
  • MCX files hold all parameters of a job, including Reference and Color bars, and are an easy way to exchanges settings between MeasureColor servers
  • MCX files also contain any PQI* information, including brand information and any linked Reports servers
  • Typically the presets imported with MCX and all imported components (like References, Color bars, Measurement condition…) will be 'locked' and cannot be changed
  • Alternatively we have the 'MCXU' format, that does not prevent editing after import
  • After deleting MCX presets MCX file can be simply imported again.

* More information on PQI: Print Quality Information can be found here: Print Quality Information setup

From the management module, go to General → User groups and select a User group to add the MCX export. In the Job preset section enable the MCX export. If you wish to include Print Quality Information check that box as well.

Log in as MCX enabled user. From the Job setup, highlight a preset and click the Export button. This will open a File dialog that lets you save the *.MCX file to your machine.

Using the import button an MCX file can be imported. The MCX module keeps a history of all imported and exported MCX files. Double-clicking a line opens up the detail page for the exchanged files.

Note: MCX files can contain PQI information, including MeasureColor Reports server URLs. Make sure you are connected to the internet when importing MCX files or adding the Reports server fails.

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