When you need to exchange data with ColorCert but still want to enjoy the familiar user interface and functionality of MeasureColor it is good to know that we can exchange data with ColorCert if you follow this routine:

  • MeasureColor version 17.2.81 or later
  • ColorCert 2.7.0

Within ColorCert:

  • Set CC add-ons to Intellitrax
  • Open the Job in ColorCert (*.CCJ file)
  • Select 'Send target' in the summary tab, exporting the targets (as a *.TXT file)
Setting the Add-onExporting the ColorCert targets

In MeasureColor:

  • Import the *.TXT file in the Reference manager
  • Create a MeasureColor job for it
  • Make a measurement
  • From the Measurement's view, go to the wrench tool and set MeasureColor to export all data as ColorCert SVF

In ColorCert:

  • Import the MeasureColor measurements into the ColorCert job
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