All measurements and other data are stored on a MeasureColor server. Depending on the configuration, this server either runs on your local system or is situated somewhere on your LAN (Local Area Network).

Because all data is stored on a server, you don’t have to perform separate saving-actions during production. Another advantage of having a server is ‘global accessibility’. This means that all data can be viewed, used or interchanged with any MeasureColor-workstation anywhere else in the world.

Of course, the server needs to be connected to the internet and it has to be run by a MeasureColor client with valid credentials.

  • To make sure your data stays safe, have your administrator add the MeasureColor server to the backup routine.


MeasureColor connects directly to most commonly used spectral measurement devices. New devices are added on a regular base. Today we support the following devices:

  • Techkon SpectroDens Spot & Scan
  • Techkon SpectroDrive
  • Techkon SpectroDrive II (from 18.1 and later)
  • Techkon SpectroJet
  • Techkon SpectroJet II
  • X-Rite i1 Pro or Basic
  • X-Rite i1 Pro II
  • X-Rite SpectroEye
  • X-Rite 530 Spectrodensitometer
  • X-Rite 939 Spectrodensitometer
  • X-Rite Intellitrax Scanning Spectrodensitometer
  • X-Rite Intellitrax II (From 17.2 and later)
  • X-Rite eXact Spot & Scan
  • X-Rite eXact XP (from 16.2 and later)

While all these devices can measure M0, some also measure other M-conditions. For an overview of M-capabilities look at m-conditions.

MeasureColor is able to import and present data from various other brands, like Komori and Heidelberg (Image Control) for correct quality control.

MeasureColor is very flexible and is able to measure nearly any color bar. The system supports many color bars out of the box and you can create your custom color bar definitions from within the Color bar Editor module. We took the liberty to pre-install more than a dozen color bars for you to use:

  1. ECI GrayConMi1
  2. ECI GrayControl Medium
  3. Ugra/Fogra Mediawedge v2
  4. Ugra/Fogra Mediawedge v3
  5. IDEAlliance DCS 2009
  6. MeasureColor Proofing Wedge 3
  7. MeasureColor CTP only
  8. MeasureColor CTP combi
  9. MeasureColor PCS325-4, 747mm
  10. PCS325-5 2011 747mm
  11. TCS325 C4-780
  12. TCS300 C6-720
  13. PV_printability_50

MeasureColor is an independent software system. This makes it possible to use a wide variety of measurement devices. Most devices are compatible with our software.

Which devices are shown depends on which were selected during installation. From versions 15.3 and later it is possible to select the devices to show up in the list in the devices dialog found in the Login screen.

Before you can begin measuring, just make sure that your measurement device is connected. After connecting the device needs to be calibrated. To calibrate a device, click the icon for ‘Devices’ and select your device. Check if your device is recognized by the software. It should display a checkmark.

In the ‘Devices overview’ is a button for options. You can use this feature to select the way you want your device to work: ‘Spot’ or -mostly used- ‘Strip’.

If the device is connected, click on ‘Calibrate’. Depending on the device, the calibration wizard will first calibrate on the tile, followed by a paper white calibration. Once both are calibrated successfully, you can continue measuring.

When measurements are being made on a single client setup, the measurements are saved on the database of the local client. If measurements are made in a LAN setup, the measurements are saved on the LAN database. Multiple clients are connected to the same database and can therefore view all of the connected clients setup and measurement data.

While installing MeasureColor the installation wizard will ask you to choose a login name and password. When you launch MeasureColor for the first time, the earlier chosen login name and password will be used to enter the software. If this -for any reason- doesn’t work, you can always use ‘colorware/colorware’ to get acquainted. The MeasureColor client is configured to connect to the local host (server).

If the main server is situated somewhere else in your company, you can unfold the window by clicking on the little black arrow beneath the login button and provide the host with the proper IP address and port (:3000) of the MeasureColor server (e.g. Next to server settings the advanced settings also hold the options for the login, window size and keyboard.

After you click ‘login’ the system tries to connect to all installed devices. This might take a few seconds. If the login procedure is successful you are taken to the main (Home) view of MeasureColor. Depending on your license level and installed features different modules can become visible.

From version 15.3 and later it is possible to create a list of the devices shown in the device menu of the modules.

  1. Select 'advanced options' from the Login dialog (if your MeasureColor client is set to automatic login simply log out again)
  2. Select from the right pane the measuring devices you want to show up on the shortlist
  3. If you have many devices installed you can use the filter option to limit the list
Selecting devices to show up in the device list (versions 15.3 and later)
select advanced optionsselect the devices
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