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Adding a MeasureColor Reports key

The MeasureColor reports system makes it possible to monitor one or more MeasureColor server networks in real-time. it makes use of unique identifier keys to keep your data save.

If you receive a key for MeasureColor reports you need to set-up a connection before the PQM data can be send.

Note: in this example we set MeasureColor to send all measurements, meaning it will start sending data as soon as a connection is established. This might not be what is right in your situation, in that case please untick the box 'Send every measurement automatically' until you have set up what data you need to share.

Adding the key to the MeasureColor server

  • Go to the System management module on the MeasureColor server.
  • Go to System → External reports.
  • In the Overview of external Reports servers click the [Add] button.

  • Select Reports as Server type.
  • Set a suitable name for the new connection.
  • Set the URL provided for this Reports server.
  • Set the provided key as Verification Token.
  • Tick the Send every measurement automatically to synchronize at all times with the Reports server.
  • Tick the Enable connection after creation
  • Press the blue [Test Connection] button. After some time (this can take a while as the system waits for a response from the server).
  • If the configuration is valid the interface will show that with a green check sign and the connection can be saved by pressing [Update].

If a red cross appears check your settings in both MeasureColor and Reports.