Step 1: Purchase or request a license key

Purchase or request a MeasureColor (demo) seat license at your reseller or by sending an email to You will receive an email with:

  • a Colorware license voucher
  • a download link inside your voucher

Step 2: Install MeasureColor

More detailed installation guides are available here:

IMPORTANT: please Install all available Windows updates onto your PC.

IMPORTANT: check the system requirements here: system requirements

  • A click on the download link in your license voucher will bring you to your software download page
  • Download the MeasureColor Full Installer
  • Launch the installer and choose for “Client & Server” if you want to install the Client AND Server on the same PC
  • When asked, click the ‘Configure server for first use’ button
  • Follow the steps during installation to finish the installation process

Step 3: Activate your license

  • Fill in your contact and company details
  • Create your MeasureColor Admin account (please save this information for your own use)
  • Click the ‘Activate your software license now’ button
  • Click the ‘I want to register a new account’ button below. This will create an account on
  • Fill in your details and the license key you received from your reseller.
  • Submit your registration, your license is now activated.

Step 4: Launch MeasureColor

  • Close your browser window and click ‘Launch client software’ on the MeasureColor installer
  • Login using the MeasureColor Admin account you’ve made in Step 3.

MeasureColor is now ready for use!

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